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How to get to ACSEND level FAST in DA (Digital Altitude DA)

The only advice I got from my 8 figure coach was to get to ASCEND first ! I have to be honest and I was a little bit angry at him when he told me that I was about to quit the program…then I realise it was the best advice I got! It make sense … you dont want to buy traffic, promote the program like crayzy only to get all the big comissions pass up to your sponsor since 90% of people who are successful in the program make their money from Ascend and up.

So I decided that my first goal is to get to the ascend level as quick as possible I want to be ASCEND FAST. That is my primary goal now!


We already know, by now that higher product price point are the best…

When I saw a post on FACEBOOK about easy 1 up I told myself THIS IS IT!!!

It starts low at 25$ but it can maxed out the comp plan at 500$ … which is good!
If Join at the $500 level and get included in our TEAM rotator! FOR FREE! We will send you traffic to your link!!

Join now! I will be happy to get you started !

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